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w/ Mojca Radkovič


In summoning heh-THO, we are summoning a spatial referent. In summoning, as in desiring (demanding) heh-THO, we are also summoning a temporal referent: the here is the here-and-now. In speaking about heh-THO we are dissecting, metabolizing, and opening up the previous referents by means of orality—an orality of the here-and-now, which lives off the ephemeral nature of     (I) quasi-romanticizing crying discourse,     (II) choriambs compulsively dancing around,    (III) orange accounts on how to pluck a fruit,    (IV) hedo(il)logicalities,    (V) pleasure machines, or machine pleasures,    (VI) eu-dai(e)monics, &  (VII) screaming therapy sessions.


I. “quasi-romanticizing crying discourse”

II. dum-di-di-dum, or Odes 1.11

III. how to pluck a fruit

IV. hedo(il)logical

V. pleasure machine / machine pleasure

‘Reward Centre’

VI. eu-dai(e)monics

VII. screaming therapy sessions

Hed’Appendix {in-folding}