• “Convolute H: The Collector” / Reading Walter Benjamin’s The Arcades Project for Sam Dolbear’s Audio Arcades Project, MayDay Radio [09.05.24; link]
I want to kiss you!” / «Θέλω να σε Φιλήσω!», με αφορμή το βιβλίο της Σοφίας Μπέμπεζα, 93 (ΠΑΡΑ) ΟΙΚΙΑΚΕΣ ΙΣΤΟΡΙΕΣ ΓΙΑ ΤΗΝ ΕΛΕΝΗ [ Sofia Bempeza, 93 (PARA) DOMESTIC STORIES FOR HELEN], published by A) GLIMPSE) OF) Athens, Kombrai bookstore [29.03.24]
I WILL RETURN / ΘΑ ΕΠΙΣΤΡΕΨΩ, Reading for Palestine, A) GLIMPSE) OF), EIGHT/ΟΧΤΩ [27.03.24]
• RE:IN_THE_THROAT_OF_LAUGHTER, performance as Coated Spirits, 6th Balkan Can Kino Film Symposium & Fade Radio, TV Control Centre (Κέντρο Ελέγχου Τηλεοράσεων) [13.10.23; linklink]
• Leaky Transmissions #2 Poetry As Field Recording, Arts Catalyst — collaborative audio work made with Nastassja Simensky, Anna Kime, Irina Sadovina, Ceri Nicholls [22.12.2022; link]
          ○ Poetry As Field Recording, broadcast at Radiophrenia, ‘the light at the end of the dial’ [25.08.23; link]
A Participatory Futures Thinking Process for Personal and Professional Development Drawing on Narrative Methods, co-authored with George Profitiliotis and Androniki Papaterpou, Futures Conference 2023, Turku, Finland [14-16.06.23; link]
shudder~shutter~shatter, Coated Spirits x Contextual Mumbling, Fade Radio, Romantso (Athens) [08.04.23; link]
OUR COMMON LANGUAGES, 1st Experimental Literature Festival, co-hosted with Dimitra Ioannou, A) GLIMPSE) OF) [19.12.2022]
ΜΕΤΑ/ΚΗΠΟΙ [META/GARDENS], Reading Performance with Dimitra Ioannou, as part of the exhibition “Sheltered Gardens,” Polygreen Culture & Art Initiative, Athens [22.09.2022; link]
Q+A HEKLER, with Jelena Prljević, Joshua Nierodzinski, Nataša Prljević, Kathryn Zazenski [22.09.2022; link]
HEKLER: Decentralized Archives, a discussion with Jelena Prljević (HEKLER), Athens Art Book Fair 2022 [24.09.2022; description, link; audio document, link]
The WhatsApp Common Archive, collective contribution to The Whole Life Academy, HkW, Berlin | with Arnika Ahldag, Mudar Al-Khufash, Eva Bentcheva, Barbara Cousin, Patricia Couvet, Gulzat Egemberdieva, Ann Harezlak, Johanna Heide, and Sooyoung Leam [13.03.22; link]
Transmission, reading/recording from the titural novella written by Jean-Christophe Couet & James Price [05.05.21; link]
• Investigative Document(arie)s: Common Means for Anti-fascist Resistance, Presentation at ‘Antifascisms: How to act up?’ Conference, Moderated by: Ewa Majewska, Warsaw, Poland/Online [26.11.20; link]


• “Vulkanizer,” Group Exhibition, Ostavinska, KC Magacin, Belgrade, Serbia [26 –27.05.23; see Part III here]
• “TIEPIDO COOL By Davide D’Elia,” contribution to the collective artwork and the exhibition, Grad Gallery, KC GRAD – //CULTURAL CENTER GRAD, Belgrade, Serbia [27-30.04.23]
• “Fade Radio 2 Years Anniversary,” Romantso (Athens), with the work shudder~shutter~shatter under Coated Spirits x Contextual Mumbling [08.04.23; link]
• “RWWM, Vol. 2,” k41, Copenhagen, with the poetry-audio-installation Poem Letters: Documents I-X [01.06.22; link]
• “I see (it) because of you,” k41, Copenhagen, with the video work Helter Skelter [19.06.21; link]


Syn/biosis, Experimental Literature & Performance Festival, EIGHT / ΤΟ ΟΧΤΩ, critical institute for arts and politics, Athens; co-organized with Dimitra Ioannou & Antonis Katsouris [25-26.11.23]


• April/May 2023 — Footnote Centre for Image & Text (Belgrade, Serbia)


Syn/biosis, as part of the titular Experimental Literature & Performance Festival, EIGHT / ΤΟ ΟΧΤΩ, critical institute for arts and politics, Athens; with Dimitra Ioannou [26.11.23]
Imag(in)ing Technē, Foundation for Research & Technology – Hellas (FORTH), Creta, Greece [29.09.23]
Reco(r)dings & Transcriptions, Četiri Vode [Four Waters], HEKLER, Ljubanje, Užice, Serbia [10.07.23; link]
How does friendship impact art practice?, HEKLER Collective Workshop (with Jelena Prljević and Miloš Bojović)—Bojana Videkanić’s Class “Issues in Contemporary Art” (Fall 2022), Department of Fine Arts, University of Waterloo, Canada [23.11.2022]


Video Club by Coated Spirits (2022 - Ongoing), Fade Radio [link]
Civil Servant, Love, NTS Radio [29.8.22; link]


brossura | manual of pirate languages [experimental bilingual print periodical; co-edited with Dimitra Ioannou; October 2023 - ]
• 767, or The Dance of Life [zine; May 2023; see Part III here]
heh-THO, w/ Mojca Radkovič [zine; May 2023; see here]
Blue Magnets: translation as an_archival process, A) GLIMPSE) OF) [book; 2024, forthcoming]


• “I HAVE IT IN MY EAR,” text in correspondence with Mojca Radkovič around Patrizia Cavalli’s poetry, Robida 10 [forthcoming, August 2024]
• PARASOL LANGUAGES. a staging. (On Anna Mendelssohn’s Reader), brossura/ manual of pirate languages [February/March 2024; in print]
• Noisy After-Wor(l)ds: On Soil-Reading & Soil-Writing, Robida 9 [November 2023; in print]
Ana_Saíno <or a series of attempts at defining peripheral> At Work, brossura [October 2023; in print]
         (* written in the context of Ana de Almeida’s After-Work, in the framework of the education project What to do after work? at Kunsthalle Wien, March-April 2023 *)
Creative Groundlessness: Rehearsals in Self-Translation, TripleAmpersand Journal (&&&) [05.08.23; link]
Channel 2, 3: Post-Fight, death of workers whilst building skyscrapers [04.05.23; link]
• A marathon of, written in the context of shudder~shutter~shatter, Coated Spirits x Contextual Mumbling, Fade Radio, Romantso (Athens) [08.4.23]
• “Poem Letters”: Documents I–X, text accompanying the titular contribution at the Remember When We Met Vol.2 exhibition, k41, Copenhagen [11.06.2022; link]
• Bodies De/Materialising: “Passion – Pause – Desire” in Frieda Liappa’s ‘Love Wanders in the Night’ (1981) and ‘The Years of the Big Heat’ (1991), Ultra Dogme [published: 17.05.2022; link]
• Πόσες ζωές ζήσαμε στη Νέα Υόρκη; [How many lives have we lived in New York?]—following Cyrus Cassells—, Hartis Magazine [published: 01.08.2021; link, GR]
• Review: “I am thinking of you [in Streams]” – ‘Bella’ (2020), dir. Thelyia Petraki, Ultra Dogme [published: 05.06.2021; link]
• à tout à l'heure, Short Story/Archival Entry to NAIAS – New Archive of Syros Humans and Stories, Participatory Archive in Progress by Alexandra Saliba—in the context of the 9th Syros International Film Festival (SIFF) [22–26.07.2021]
• In media res: Thoughts on Solidarity Through Institutional Renaming, Monumentality, and Reenactment, The Art Columnist [published: 28.12.2020; online and as part of the print publication “The Art Columnist 2.0”]


• Theodora Malamou, Athens Laundry Μπουγάδα (Dolce Publishing, 2023); EN/GR
• Infrastructures of Care, HEKLER Assembly—the result of an online study group exploring the relationship between civic engagement and collectivity through art practice and pedagogy [September 2022; link]
• Divya Dwivedi, Nancy's Wager, Philosophy World Democracy [published: 02.02.2022; link, GR]
• Jean-Luc Nancy, “The End of Philosophy and the Task of Thinking”, Philosophy World Democracy [published: 12.12.2021; link, GR]
• Translation of introductory text and presentation of the work of Cinelimite, Department of Fine and Applied Arts, Florina, Greece—as part of a course led by Harris Kontosfyris [presented: 09.11.2021]
• Anti-Fear Workbook: Common Language, multilingual zine and workbook, ANTI-FEAR / PROTIV STRAHA, HEKLER Assembly—as part of the Youth Biennial in Belgrade [23.08.2021; link]
• Jean-Luc Nancy, Demosophia, Philosophy World Democracy [published: 24.01.2021; link, GR]
• “NO, THIS IS A SCAR” A roundtable discussion on two films about hands, by Maria Lassnig and Ayesha Hameed, Another Screen/Another Gaze [published: 02.04.2021; link, GR]

Many texts, reviews, interviews with filmmakers and artists, as well as translations can also be found at